U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh last Sunday denied Samsung's request to keep certain sales numbers secret from Apple as the two company's U.S. Patent dispute continues to play out.  

According to a Bloomberg report, "Koh ruled on Dec. 10 that Samsung must file an exhibit which lists the total number of units of certain Samsung products sold during certain time periods."

This new development in the patent case comes as a U.S. International Trade Commission judge is recommending an import and sales ban on Samsung products found to be infringing on Apple patents. According to ComputerWorld, Judge Thomas Pender released a preliminary report indicating four devices, models of Samsung's Transform, Acclaim, Indulge and Intercept smartphones, to be infringing on design and technology rights owned by Apple.

Apple was awarded a $1.05 billion award in August following a jury's decision that Samsung infringed six Apple patents on technology used in Samsung phones and devices. Apple is waiting on a decision from Koh on its request for additional damages against Samsung for infringement. Apple's request to ban U.S. sales on 26 of Samsung’s devices was denied in December.