Travelers have a new option for wireless roaming with Voiamo's launch today of the Globalgig roaming service.

For $119 customers can pick of the Globalgig Mobile Hotspot device and take advantage of what appear to be competitive rates for global roaming. According to a press release, the company offers monthly bundles of 1 GB (gigabyte) for $25.00, 3 GB for $39.00 and 5 GB for $49.00.

Globalgig bills customers on a monthly basis for usage and there are no long-term contracts required. The company promises users can easily cancel or make changes to their plan by providing notice up to 48 hours prior to the end of their billing cycle.

In a statement, Nigel Bramwell, CEO of Voiamo, the company behind Globalgig, called the kinds of charges business people return to after travelling "rip-off data bills."

After initially launching in the US, UK, and Australia, Voiamo plans to expand the Globalgig product to key Asian, European Union markets, and other large global travel hubs, over the next 12 months. There are also plans to launch a voice service in late 2013, offering call bundles abroad with the ability to maintain live existing and local numbers.