Apple’s share of the tablet market continued to best all others with 55 percent unit shipment share in the third quarter, accroding to new data from market intelligence firm ABI Research. Despite maintaining its lead for 10 straight quarters, competition from tablets powered by Google’s Android OS continue to eat away at Apple’s success. Fifty-five percent is the lowest share Apple has ever had since launching the iPad in 2010. Nearly 14 percent share was given up in the quarter to several benefactors, including Amazon, Google, and Samsung, according to ABI. Android now powers more than 44 percent of tablet shipments. today announced the launch of the Amazon Appstore in Japan. Customers can get the Amazon Appstore for their Android phones and tablets by visiting

Centri Technology today said it has completed a $4.5 million Series B round of financing, led by the Matthew Pritzker Company. Centri Technology provides intelligent endpoint solutions for data networks to enable mobile operators and enterprises to offer services across all connected devices and networks.

Neville Pattinson, Gemalto’s SVP of government affairs, will act as a witness on behalf of the Secure ID Coalition to the Subcommittee on Health on solutions to combat health care waste, fraud and abuse during a hearing that will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 28. In his testimony, Pattinson will address the Medicare Common Access Card Act (HR.2925) that could cut the current rate of fraud in half by simply modernizing the Medicare ID card – addressing fundamental identity and verification problems that Gemalto contends have left the system vulnerable to exploitation.