The Application Developers Alliance (ADA) today announced a number of new members to its Apps Alliance Board ahead of an April 24 meeting in San Francisco.

The board members bring a broad range of expertise to the alliance, including global platforms Google and RIM; content publishers AT&T Interactive and CBS Interactive; tool developers and application producers such as Media Chaperone, TMSOFT, Locaid Technologies, appMobi and The Echo Nest; and evangelists and innovators like Robert Scoble, Joel Spolsky and Brad Feld.

The Apps Alliance Board will be responsible for guiding the ADA, formally launched Jan. 3, 2012, to deliver services to developers and drive innovation and growth within the development industry. Since its formation three months ago, Apps Alliance membership has already grown to more than 4,500 individual developers and 45 corporate members and service sponsors.

ADA President Jon Potter said it's gratifying that such significant individuals and companies are supporting the mission of providing developers with more resources. "By joining together in support of app developers, they're acknowledging that small and medium-sized developers are a critical source of talent and innovation that has to be cultivated for the whole industry to succeed," Potter said in a statement.

The ADA boasts more than 3,000 individual members, including application developers and software entrepreneurs.

The list of all board members can be found here.