Cisco used its Cisco Live! event in London today to introduce what it calls the fastest Wi-Fi access point on the market, the Cisco Aironet 3600 Series Access Point (AP).

The Aironet 3600 is designed for enterprises that want to offer coverage to devices at a greater distance from the access point with up to 30 percent faster performance. The access points are already shipping, so some customers are using them now.

Sylvia Hooks, senior manager of mobility marketing for Cisco, says the 802.11n access point supports "clean air" spectrum intelligence, so it protects against interference from other devices. The 4-antenna design also helps protect against signal fading, and it's got fast roaming with 802.11r support.

Just how many APs does the average business need to cover their buildings? That depends on a lot of caveats, she says, including physical obstructions. The Aironet 3600 Series AP with external antennas is listed at $1,595 and the version with internal antennas lists for $1,495.

Based on revenue, Cisco is the market share leader in the enterprise WLAN market, followed by Aruba Networks and HP, according to Dell'Oro Group.