PaymentOne Launches SDK, One Click API

Mon, 11/21/2011 - 7:02am
Andrew Berg

PaymentOne, a mobile payments provider, today announced availability of its PayOne Mobile SDK with Android One Click API.

"The toughest challenge any developer faces is how to make money from their apps," said Brad Singer, executive vice president of PaymentOne, in a statement. "Freemium is a great business model to engage consumers, and we enable developers to remove all friction at the point of purchase while maintaining a highly secure transaction."

The new solution will allow Android developers to enable in-app purchases made over the PaymentOne network, which the company says spans more than 70 countries and 3.5 billion consumers. 

PaymentOne says it has already processed in excess of $5 billion direct-to-carrier billings with micro transactions typical of in-app purchases. 

To use the PayOne system, consumers click a "get more <item>" button which triggers the payment process. Through the One Click API, the app automatically identifies the mobile phone number and a text message containing a validation code is then sent to the phone and the app automatically pulls the code from the message. The purchase then appears on the customer's bill.

PaymentOne says the system eliminates the need for users to enter long strings of text to provide their name, number, billing address, credit card information and PIN into a small screen, which keeps the user in the app and eliminates room for error and the frustration of a separate multi-step checkout process.

The PayOne Mobile SDK and Android One Click API are free for developers to use.  A transaction fee based on a percentage of each transaction is assessed to merchants.


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