The Nokia Lumia 800 is a very special device for Nokia, the culmination of a tight partnership with Microsoft and the complete reorganization of its massive operations. So it is that the company felt the Lumia 800 deserved its own 8-minute "documentary," which is posted to the company's official blog.

"It's as much a story about collaboration and taking risks as it is about design," the company says. "At 8-minutes long, it's not your ordinary bite-size online video, but it is packed with heaps of fascinating insights and exclusive access to never-before-seen materials." The video includes interviews from Stefan Pannenbecker, vice president of Industrial Design for Nokia; Chris Linnett, head of Lumia UX design; and Kate Freebairn, creative director of Lumia UX design.

Given all the rave reviews about Nokia's work on the hardware with its new WP7-based Lumia smartphones, it just might be worth a look at how the company arrived at the final product.