The mobile social networking company Path today rolled out Path 2, the next generation of the company's mobile photo sharing app, which includes a number of expanded features.

Path originally began as a more intimate alternative to Facebook, allowing users to have a maximum of 50 friends with whom they could share photos. The service has racked up over 1 million registered users since it launched in November 2010.

The folks at Path decided it was time to expand on the idea, with this latest iteration of the app allowing users to share more than just photos and with a maximum of 150 friends. Users can now share everything from photos to what music they're listening to, as well as what time they wake and go to sleep.

The company has also included sharing of Path posts on other networks like Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook.

Path can also learn about the user through a new feature called Automatic. With Automatic, users can optionally choose to have their Path updated with stories about their life. For example, Path will update the user's page when the person spends time in a new neighborhood or travels to a new city.

Path 2 is available today for iPhone or iPod touch from the App Store or for Android from the Android Market.