Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey yesterday posted a letter to third-party developers at Twitter's developer site, asking the application writers to tell the company what they need to build their businesses.

"We want to know what additional materials you need from us to help you build products, boost distribution and expand your reach," Dorsey wrote. "I've opened a thread, Listening to your feedback, in our Discussions group so that you can share your ideas and opinions with me and the rest of the team."

Dorsey expressed his excitement about the pending release of Apple's iOS 5, which features deep integration with Twitter.

"With Apple's upcoming deep integration of Twitter into iOS 5, there is an opportunity for us, together, to take the ecosystem to a new level," Dorsey said.

Dorsey went on to encourage iOS developers to keep Twitter top of mind when building their next project, saying that adding the service to their projects will allow users a richer, more personalized experience, easier login, while simultaneously boosting a developer's distribution.

Apple has promised iOS 5 will be released sometime this fall, most likely in conjunction with the launch of a new iPhone. The company has teamed with Twitter to make it easier for iOS users to tweet from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices. The partnership will allow users to integrate their Twitter contacts and tweet from virtually any native iOS application.