Nokia Siemens Networks has come out with a new technology that lets wireless networks automatically adapt to changing network conditions.

The solution, dubbed Liquid Net, is being touted as "a radical new approach for meeting the ever-increasing demand for broadband."

It allows networks to free-up unused capacity and re-allocate it to areas being slammed by a high volume of traffic. The self-adapting technology is "aware" of the network's status and the services being used by subscribers, such as mobile video. Liquid Net also channels traffic in the transport network along the path of least resistance and lowest cost between cell sites using flexible optics, multi-layer optimization and intelligent control.

"The entire network becomes self-aware and self-adapting and allows the capacity to flow as needed," says company marketing executive Chris Ebert.

The new technology is part of Nokia Siemens Liquid Radio lineup, but can be implemented separately in an operator's existing network. Ebert says the solution is vendor-agnostic, meaning it can be installed in networks that use gear from other infrastructure companies such as Alcatel-Lucent or Ericsson.

Liquid Net comes as wireless operators are looking for new ways to cope with soaring data traffic from apps and mobile video. By allowing networks to dynamically allocate spectrum as needed, Liquid Net gives operators additional flexibility in addressing changes in traffic loads.