Nokia Siemens Networks is taking note of the potential growth market in TD-LTE, the standard China Mobile plans to use for its next-generation mobile broadband network.

The vendor unveiled three new TD-LTE devices today, a USB dongle, an indoor wireless router and an outdoor wireless router. The gadgets made their debut at the PT Expo Comm in Beijing, China.

Devices Compatible w/TD-LTE..."The availability of compatible devices in the market can be a significant factor in the uptake of a new wireless technology. By providing devices directly, we allow our customers to offer complete broadband packages to consumers, which in turn would speed up the adoption of new 4G services," said Ken Riordan, head of devices at Nokia Siemens Networks.

The devices are commercially available and support TD-LTE services running in the 2.3 GHz and 2.6 GHz bands, the same bands used by China Mobile for its planned TD-LTE service. Clearwire also plans to deploy TD-LTE in similar spectrum as an overlay to its WiMAX service.

China Mobile's commitment to TD-LTE has helped generate momentum for the technology, which uses unpaired spectrum bands. The TD-LTE standard is less developed than the FDD-LTE standard used by operators with paired spectrum like AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Clearwire and China Mobile recently announced that they were partnering on TD-LTE devices.