Facebook says a few of its engineers have been working hard to bring two of the social network's mobile popular security tools to mobile – social reporting and the ability to reset passwords.

Facebook started rolling out Social Reporting a few months ago, designed to help people resolve issues with posts, profiles and other content on the site. If you don't like a photo of yourself that someone uploaded, for example, you can use social reporting to ask that person to take it down.

Almost 70 percent of reported photos get removed by the owner, Facebook reports, and this week it started testing it on m.facebook.com. Over the coming months, it will add social reporting to all mobile devices.

Facebook also is testing the ability to reset your password from a mobile device in the event you forget your password or get locked out of your account. Users can choose the email address where they want to receive recovery links, and it's offering additional ways to confirm a person's identity. "We will roll this out slowly to gather feedback from people as they use this," Facebook said.