Motorola Mobility Holdings, through its investment arm, Motorola Mobility Ventures, today announced an investment in Catch Media, provider of Play Anywhere, a patented licensed digital rights locker platform. Specific details of the deal were not immediately available.

Motorola notes that Catch Media's Play Anywhere technology will allow it to offer users access to their digital content across devices, ranging from smartphones, tablets, set-tops, connected TVs and other connected devices inside and outside the home.

"Instant and easy access to music and video collections from any device, any place and at any time has become a necessity for consumers," said Mony Hassid, managing director, Motorola Mobility Ventures, in a press release. "Catch Media's innovative B2B platform gives consumers the ubiquitous access they crave while compensating the content owners, content distributors and every other party that contributes to the ecosystem."

Catch Media's Play Anywhere system was rolled out with Best Buy Europe in the fourth quarter of 2010 through a service called "Music Anywhere" offered by The Carphone Warehouse in the U.K. and is expected to be rolled out in the U.S. in early 2011 in cooperation with the music industry.

Catch Media says it will continue to work closely with the content industry to offer legal media cloud services that ensure rights holders are compensated as content is consumed across disparate devices.