Mozilla has officially released a mobile version of its popular Firefox browser for Maemo devices. The new browser will work on devices such as the Nokia N900 series of smartphones that run the Maemo platform.

The new browser features intelligent and personalized searching, syncing of tabs, history, bookmarks and passwords between desktop and mobile device, location-aware browsing and tabbed browsing.

Firefox mobile will also include more than 40 add-ons that can be added to the browser. Add-ons include things like small games and a YouTube add-on that allows users to run YouTube video within the browser.

Developers can use the latest Web technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to improve, modify and customize the browser. 

Additionally, Mozilla said it has no plans to develop browsers for iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian or feature phones, due to varying restrictions inherent with each of these platforms.

Mozilla does have projects in the works for Windows Mobile and Android later this year.