Hewlett-Packard is bringing its Bitfone over-the-air (OTA) mobile management software back into play with a rebranding effort and a software upgrade.

HP acquired Bitfone in December 2006 for an undisclosed amount. Bitfone’s former FusionDM application is now called Mobile Management Center, but the Bitfone mProve client retains its name, said Paul Yang, vice president of the Mobility Solutions Group. A new component is the Enterprise Mobility Suite, which lets companies use some traditional carrier and handset tools without having to subscribe to anything.

The enterprise product can be used for tracking mobile assets, configuring and troubleshooting devices, security and policy management, Yang said.  HP may include these functions with certain enterprise models of its iPaq brand of handhelds – but the company will still support the traditional OTA market as well, he added.

Another new feature is the ability to integrate the OTA software with third-party applications. HP already does so internally by using the Mobile Management Center to administer enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for its mobile employees’ handhelds.  That kind of integration can be done directly by customers without having to wait for third-party software companies to partner with HP, and the wireless connections can work on Wi-Fi, WiMAX or ordinary cellular links, Yang said.

Currently, the software is available for Windows Mobile and Symbian devices. The software is available now, Yang said, declining to state prices.