Seattle-based Volantis announced an expanded portfolio of mobile content solutions that the company says will "break down the barriers for content providers and carriers."

Volantis' Suite of Mobile Content Applications is an attempt standardize the look of premium mobile content among phones and carriers whose systems and platforms haven't necessarily communicated so well with each other.

"The industry has dumbed it down to the lowest common denominator of what is possible on a phone," says John Beale, Volantis vice president for marketing.

The suite includes several applications, such as HomeDeck, which will allow users to navigate off the original screen they see on their mobile browser. The Transcoder program will convert PC Websites in real time into the mobile format, while the Broker program will allow users to manage third-party content from a carrier.

Volantis also announced a major upscaling of its business, and that it intends to enter the Chinese market.