A Texas court ruled Seven has infringed on four Visto patents and awarded Visto $7.7 million in damages. Seven plans to appeal the decision and points out that the judge cleared the company of one infringement claim that was being made by Visto.

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas ruled that Seven willfully infringed on Visto's patented intellectual property. The judge also granted a permanent injunction against Seven Networks, although the injunction will be stayed pending Seven's appeal.

The next round between the two companies is expected to begin in mid-2007. Seven has its own lawsuit pending against Visto and the trial is set to get underway in June. Seven has accused Visto of infringing on two of its mobile email patents, which Seven claims predate the Visto patents.

Seven also expects the appeals process related to the Visto judgment to be completed by early 2008.

Visto does not shy away from the courts if it believes its patents have been infringed. In addition to Seven, thee company has filed suits against Good Technology, Research In Motion (RIM) and Microsoft Corporation.

Cingular Wireless, Sprint Nextel and Vodafone Group are among the list of carriers doing business with Visto.