V CAST Music, the mobile music download service from Verizon that will put a million songs at the fingertips of Verizon customers, is officially on the air.

The service, which allows users to download songs to their mobile device for about $2, is launching simultaneously with a promotion that offers a handful of free songs from The Fugees, Shakira, Yellowcard and OMD for a limited time.

V CAST Music purchases include two copies of every song: one goes to the mobile device while the other goes to the user's PC. Mobile phone purchases go for $1.99, while purchases made from a PC cost 99 cents.

Users will need either the Samsung a950 for $99.99, the Verizon CDM-8945 for $129.99, or the LG VX8100 for $149.99

To access the new music service, customers need a subscription to the V CAST VPak, which is $15 for monthly access, added to their Verizon Wireless calling plan.