A multimedia technology firm is broadening its reach and adding a standards-based multimedia content delivery platform to its product line. Thin Multimedia, which is known for its multimedia software solutions and suite of codecs, is now offering a multimedia platform called thinMobile. The firm’s first major client is Major League Baseball and Thin Multimedia is enabling the MLB to deliver real-time streaming audio of its baseball games to Sprint subscribers. The service is offered for $5.99 per month and is available through the WAP deck.

According to Dave Smiddy, director of content and carriers for Thin Multimedia, the company branched out into the content delivery realm because it was a logical extension to its other video and multimedia products. “Our platform is standards-based so clients can pick and choose their ecosystem,” Smiddy says.

The company is selling its platform to media and entertainment companies and will compete with firms such as Nellymoser. “We have found that content companies want to make a low investment in this and get to market quickly,” Smiddy says. “We can deliver that with a high-quality experience.”