SK-EarthLink made several appointments to round out is executive management team. The company also said it will establish its headquarters in Westwood, Calif.

The SK-EarthLink MVNO joint venture was first announced in January. The goal of the venture is to market wireless voice and data services in the United States under the newly formed entity, which officially opened for business in March.

Sky Dayton, EarthLink's founder, is leading SK-EarthLink as its CEO. Therest of the company's executive team includes Wonhee Sull as COO; Brent Cobb as executive vice president, strategy and business development; Jay Lee, vice president of products and services; Inho Shin, vice president of technology; Todd Tappin, CFO; Stuart Redsun, executive vice president of marketing; and Ali Zanjani, executive vice president of sales and distribution.

The executive team, according to the company, will be responsible for spearheading the development and rollout of the MVNO's wireless brands.

Earlier this month, OfficeMax signed on to sell the joint venture's wireless service in its stores in connection with the EarthLink Wireless Treo 650 smartphone.

As part of the partnership, EarthLink transferred 30,000 wireless subscribers to the joint venture. SK Telecom and EarthLink have pledge to fund the 50-50 JV over the next three years with $440 million in contributions.