We've all been there. You're on the subway or strolling through the mall when a song on an overhead speaker grabs you—no, tackles you—and you fall in love with it instantly and say to yourself, "I must find out the name of that song ... And by the way, can I get that in a ringtone?"

Rocket Mobile says its latest offering will render that scenario irrelevant for cell phone users.

The company has announced the launch of a suite of mobile applications available through MetroPCS Communications. The applications, developed for Qualcomm's BREW program, include the already popular Song IDentity, National Geographic Wallpapers, iNDie Music and MobileExpense.

Song IDentity allows users to recognize music anywhere by placing their mobile phone to a music source - the hypothetical mall speaker mentioned above. A short sample is recorded, sent to a server for recognition and the results, including artist and song title, are sent back to a user's mobile phone. It also tracks down ringtone availability and directs the user where to purchase it.

Rocket Mobile's suite also includes iNDie Music - which provides music selections from independent labels around the world - and the National Geographic Wallpapers program, which provides access to photographs from the National Geographic Society's Image Collections.

"Rocket Mobile is proud to offer our best and most widely known applications to a broader range of mobile consumers," Wayne Yurtin, president and CEO of Rocket Mobile, said in a statement. "The wireless horizon is truly limitless when it comes to bringing engaging, innovative and productive applications to the hands of mobile users."