Qualcomm is expanding the scope of its Mobile Station Modem (MSM) chipsets by adding support for Java multitasking. The goal, according to Qualcomm, is to enable wireless users to seamlessly run multiple applications.

Support for Java multitasking is an added feature to Qualcomm's Virtual Machine (QVM) Java solution, which Qualcomm describes as a J2ME platform that provides support for Java applications.

The new features, according to Qualcomm, will enable a mobile device to run a Java application to play music while simultaneously running an e-mail client. The applications will run in the background while voice calls are handled, Qualcomm says.

In other Qualcomm news, the company announced its RF integrated circuit devices support the Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) band (1700/2100 MHz).

Qualcomm's RF portfolio includes the RTR6500 device for CDMA2000 networks and the RFR6275/RTR6275 devices for WCDMA/UMTS networks.