In the wake of Sprint's decision to use mobile WiMAX as its technology of choice for its 2.5 GHz spectrum, there is a new report from ABI Research that says mobile WiMAX is the next big thing.

ABI analyst Alan Varghese says fixed WiMAX, which is not compatible with mobile WiMAX, will hit its peak in terms of sales next year. After that, he says, mobile WiMAX will overtake the fixed version.

Varghese also says chip companies which bypassed fixed WiMAX and went straight to the mobile version, such as Beceem Communications and Runcom, may have an early market advantage. But he says vendors like Redpine Signals, RF Magic, Sequans, Sierra Monolithics, Telecis and Wavesat are on their heels.

“Competition will also come from giants such as Fujitsu and Intel that understand the mobile platform intimately all the way from RF to applications,” the analyst says.