A Cambridge, Mass., startup is taking on the Googles and Yahoos! of the world with its hosted white-labeled mobile search solution. JumpTap makes its debut today.

What sets JumpTap apart from the big-name Internet search companies? JumpTap CEO Dan Olschwang says its JumpTap's carrier-centric focus and desire to promote the carrier brand, rather than its own, that makes it the ideal partner for wireless carriers.

JumpTap representatives say that by placing a carrier-branded search box on the mobile device, operators can insulate themselves from competitive threats from large Internet search providers. The threat comes in traffic over time migrating to the Internet-branded search provider, which then keeps the incremental revenue, whereas JumpTap says it makes money only if the operator makes money.

"We have a strategy that's carrier aligned," says Olschwang, who previously was general manager of the Comverse Fun division. "We create the search economy on behalf of the carriers."

The company says its solution, available for WAP or as a Java or BREW application, includes an intuitive phone user interface, a search engine designed from Day 1 for the mobile world and keyword-based ads and content. The keyword program pays carriers for user-selected sponsored links and includes an auction system for keywords, advertiser support services and a mobile ad inventory built by JumpTap.