Helio, which targets affluent 18- to 32-year-olds, wants to keep disposable income in the pockets of its subscribers. To this end, the MVNO is rolling out the "Turn in. Trade up. Cash out." Program, which enables customers to send in their old consumer electronic portable devices for cash.

The program covers old MP3 players, digital cameras, phones, PDAs, etc. The service is a one-time offering to each customer, but Helio says there is no limit on how many items can be submitted.

The Trade-Up program is only available to customers who purchase a new Helio device and activate a new service. The offer is good for 30 days from that purchase, according to the MVNO.

Helio believes the program offers a fair price for used devices. For example, a Treo 650 in good condition can be turned in for $185.

The MVNO, which was created through a joint venture between EarthLink and SK Telecom, officially launched its service offering in May. The company offers a range of exclusive services, including a service MySpace on Helio. The exclusive contract with the social networking site MySpace.com transfers the complete user experience to the mobile phone by allowing users to post photos directly from their Helio device to their MySpace page as part of a bulletin, message, comment or personal picture collection. Users can read and write MySpace mail, post and reply to bulletins, read and write blogs, view profiles and add new friends directly from their Helio device.

Another exclusive offer available to Helio subscribers is the Helio on Top (H.O.T.) service, which gives members "zero-click" access to their favorite content and information.