Just four months after commercially launching its specialized wireless service for hard-core sports fans, MVNO Mobile ESPN has added a second handset to its lineup - the Samsung ACE.

Similar to Mobile ESPN's debut handset - the Sanyo MVP - the ACE features ESPN's trademark logo and unique font style. The ACE also offers Bluetooth and has a large QVGA display and stereo speakers. The user interface instantly links users to the Mobile ESPN sports application, downloads, digital camera features and messaging capabilities.

Adding another handset to its lineup is a big plus for Mobile ESPN, which along with other MVNOs has been under fire lately as skeptics question the long-term viability of the MVNO business model.

In an exclusive video interview with Wireless Week, Manish Jha, senior vice president and general manager of Mobile ESPN, discussed the company's measured growth strategy and detailed why the company made its debut with just one handset and one distribution channel. "Now that we have a good formula for that, we will replicate that formula with a variety of devices and retail channels," Jha said.

The exclusive interview with Jha is the third in a series of Executive Vision video interviews that Wireless Week is producing. To view that interview, click on the following link: http://www.wirelessweek.com/vision.