Municipal Wi-Fi is finally a reality for EarthLink, which launched its first network in Anaheim, Calif. The ISP has several other deployments in the hopper.

The Anaheim deployment marks EarthLink's first commercial launch of the wireless technology. At 49-square miles, the deployment also represents the largest such citywide offering to date.

The Wi-Fi mesh network is designed to deliver high-speed Internet access to the city's residents, businesses and visitors. To power the network, EarthLink enlisted the help of Tropos Networks and Motorola. Specifically, Tropos' MetroMesh Wi-Fi routers have been installed on light poles throughout the city to enable reliable wireless data connectivity. EarthLink also is leveraging Motorola's MOTOwi4 product suite, including its Canopy high-speed backhaul and Wi-Fi mesh network equipment.

Service packages run from $3.95 for one hour of access up to $21.95 for monthly access.

EarthLink is involved in several other city projects to launch Wi-Fi services, including deals in New Orleans, San Francisco and Philadelphia.