LAS VEGAS-Atheros Communications "jump-started" its wireless LAN configuration solution at CES in Las Vegas. The JumpStart 2.0 is compatible with the new Wi-Fi Protected Setup program. The new specification developed by members of the Wi-Fi Alliance simplifies the process of setting up and protecting home or small office wireless networks from unauthorized access.

Nearly 50% of Wi-Fi users experience significant difficulty in setting up secure home networks, and nearly 40% of consumers leave their networks completely unsecured. The Wi-Fi Protected Setup specification provides two standardized options for setting up a Wi-Fi network. Users can enter a short PIN or press a button to establish secure networks, and can easily add devices to existing Wi-Fi Protected Setup networks.

Atheros' JumpStart 2.0 push-button implementation of Wi-Fi Protected Setup allows consumers to protect their computers, routers, wireless printers, home entertainment devices and mobile devices. To provide authentication and establish security between devices with JumpStart 2.0, users press a designated button on either device and then they have 2 minutes in which to press the button on the other device. The process confirms connectivity by flashing an LED on each networked device.