LAS VEGAS-The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) may be starting to wind down, but several companies are still making wireless announcements. Here's a glimpse at what is happening on Day 3.

UTStarcom Personal Communications unveiled the PC5750 Mobile Broadband Connection Card, which will be available exclusively in the United States. The dual-band CDMA2000 1XEV-DO wireless Type II PC card is the successor to UTStarcom's PC5740 and is designed to help on-the-go laptop users make secure wireless connections through their wireless carriers. The PC5750 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

RealNetworks announced that a number of consumer electronics companies - including Nokia, TiVo, iriver, Logitech, SigmaTel and Telechips - have licensed its Rhapsody DNA technology platform and plan to build support for Rhapsody DNA into products and services shipping in 2007. "These new partnerships will help make the award-winning Rhapsody digital music service accessible virtually anywhere, from your PC to your home stereo to your portable music player," RealNetworks said in a prepared statement.

Polaroid launched two next-generation, Wi-Fi-enabled portable media players (PMPs), which are designed to support wireless downloads and expanded music file and video exchange between various Polaroid home entertainment components. The company is demonstrating the 80 gigabyte 4.3-inch and 30 gigabyte 2.8-inch LCD PMPs at the show.

Samsung Electronics unveiled new entertainment devices, including the Ultra Music and Ultra Video handsets. The Ultra Music is a complete music player with dual-LCD screens. The Ultra Video is an HSDPA-enabled phone that enables users to view an array of video content, including MPEG-4, H.264, WMV and AVI files. It also has a PMP function with wide 2.4-inch screen as well as a 2.0-megapixel camera.

Com One announced that it is expanding its Bluetooth portfolio with two new products focused on the growing consumer demand for streaming audio using the Bluetooth A2DP profile, the company says. The Mic Clip Bluetooth Stereo Headset delivers 2-in-1 convenience for both a user's music and phone. The embedded microphone enables users to make and receive calls from their Bluetooth mobile phones. The company's Bluetooth Multimedia 2.1 Speakers provide 3D surround-sound for gaming consoles and MP3 players.