Sprint Nextel's Boost Mobile unit doesn't believe mobile phone users should have all the text fun, so the youth-oriented service provider is launching Text to Landline. The service enables mobile phone customers to send messages to landline phones.

The service, powered by TeleMessage, is designed to convert the text message into a voice message, which is then delivered to the landline phone. The service also will let the message sender know whether the message was delivered to a live person, to a voicemail system or if there was a problem delivering the message.

This service enables text message users to communicate with people who do not use text messaging. "Text to Landline is very simple for our customers to use and allows them to communicate using a method they prefer," says Neil Lindsay, vice president of product development at Boost Mobile.

Standard text messaging rates apply to the service. Customers pay 10 cents per outgoing message for Text to Landline; incoming text messages are free.