The short-range RF technology known as Near Field Communications (NFC) is getting into the nitty-gritty leading to deployment. The NFC Forum has approved the first four specifications for the technology, which is intended to allow such applications as “mobile wallets.”

NFC already is in commercial use or in trials in various places around the world, but the NFC Forum says the specifications will enable interoperability across equipment from different manufacturers.

The first specifications deal with the data exchange formats and the definition of record standards for different kinds of messages between devices.

Christophe Duverne, chairman of the NFC Forum, says issuing the first specifications is a “huge step forward” in creating the framework to advance the use of the technology.

Earlier this year, the forum unveiled its modular NFC device architecture and protocols for interoperable data exchange, device-independent service delivery, device discovery and device capability. Additional specifications are still in development.