Did Motorola slip or shine this week with the unveiling of its new Android phone? Well, it didn't exactly fall flat, nor did it hit it out of the park. As co-CEO Sanjay Jha alluded to in his appearance at the GigaOM conference, the Cliq is just one step in a long journey ahead.

Motorola announced the Cliq with MotoBlur with T-Mobile USA, leaving many of us to believe that news about Motorola's second Android device, presumably for Verizon Wireless, will come next month, as rumored.

Just browsing photos and stats about the Cliq, it appears to deliver a good punch, albeit with some recognizable themes. The overall look reminds me of the first Google phone, the G1, and some of the Cliq's features sound familiar, like integrated personal and work e-mail. Of course, there's the obligatory tie-in to social networking. Updates to contacts, messages, photos and more are streamed Motorola CLIQtogether and synced from sources such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Gmail. Everyone has a slightly different way of integrating social networks, so I'll need to take a closer look to determine the uniqueness of this particular version.

Pricing was not announced, so those of us prone to speculation just have to guess. The myTouch 3G is about $200 after discounts. If they're going after the professionals who want to access both personal and business e-mail on one device, maybe $200 is a reasonable expectation for the Cliq.

At the unveiling, Jha was careful about setting expectations, saying the Cliq is not the "make-or-break" phone for the company but a first step. Looks like the company might have a hit – like to first base. With luck, it will be a nine-inning game. It certainly does not look like a forfeit.

What do you think? Was this a make-or-break moment for Motorola, and did it rise to the occasion?