Using Mobile Cloud Services to Put Operators Ahead of OTT Players

Tue, 04/05/2011 - 8:24am
Pardeep Kohli, CEO of Mavenir Systems

Pardeep Kohli, CEO of Mavenir Systems, shares his thoughts on mobile cloud services at CTIA Wireless 2011.

What’s new and what are you hoping to accomplish at CTIA this week? Mobile cloud services. First, let me say that contrary to all the hype, cloud based service delivery is not a new concept. Rather, what is new is the fact that there is a race going on between mobile operators and over-the-top players about offering communication services to the mobile user with the acceleration of LTE deployments.
Cloud use today revolves around commerce; communications, entertainment and information, and LTE operators need to see how important it is to develop their own “mobile cloud” to offer voice, video and multimedia services to stay relevant in the new ecosystem. 
The mobile cloud also exposes services APIs to allow them to capture the next set of innovations from the open developer community across device platforms.  So, instead of the traditional race between mobile operators in terms of differentiating their services from each other, the race is really against over-the-top players.
LTE operators can use their mobile cloud to compete with a branded communication service (e.g. voice and SMS over LTE, video calling, converged IP messaging) and collaborate with web communities to offer compelling value. We hope to spread the importance of that message to mobile operators at CTIA this week.

What’s the biggest challenge facing your segment of the industry these days? Attitude. The race between the mobile operators and over the top players is quite similar to the legendary race of the tortoise and the hare. Everyone wants something that’s new, shiny and attractive, much like the hare in the story (example – Skype). Mobile operators are more like the tortoise – reliable and steady. Everyone knows the technology exists, but it is the realization of the mobile cloud services approach that will help them make an enormous impact in the next generation of mobile communications.
With today’s new devices and increasing consumer demand for data and services, mobile operators have an opportunity to provide reliable communications services as part of their cloud offerings and foster innovative, revenue-generating mobile services, advancing them in the race.

What’s the biggest source of opportunity? The biggest source of opportunity is to enable LTE operators to launch mobile cloud services. In this race, the environment is changing rapidly and the winner must prepare for what obstacles lay ahead. Mobile operators powered with a mobile cloud can provide new ways of delivering voice (voice notes replacing voice mail, one touch group calling, voice to text messaging), multi-device messaging (across a smartphone, tablet, PC and TV), social messaging, location sharing, mobile video calling and conferencing that truly leverage LTE speeds. They might have started off slow, but having the flexibility and reliability to utilize voice, video and messaging enablers as part of their cloud and evolve them with advancements in technology will help mobile operators, like the tortoise, win the race in the end.


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