Getting the Interconnection Message Out

Fri, 04/15/2011 - 9:06am
Joel Fisher, Vice President, Interconnection Solutions, Telcordia Technologies

Joel Fisher, vice president of interconnection solutions at Telcordia Technologies, talks about centralized registries and hub services at CTIA Wireless 2011.

What’s new?  With our Interconnection Solutions, we will show how centralized registries and hub services are quickly becoming the preferred deployment model. From our recently introduced SMS hub in India to our centralized mobile device registry to our global number plan data services, operators, content providers and regulators are finding new ways to use centralized registries to address their most urgent challenges. 

What are you hoping to accomplish at CTIA this week? We would love to walk away with a few new customers, but – all joking aside – we want to create awareness about what challenges mobile operators, content providers and regulators are facing and provide them with a solution. For instance, a recent report cited that pirated cell phones account for 20 percent of mobile connections in Brazil, and we have solutions to fix that.  We want to educate SMS providers about new regulations in India that will impact the delivery of SMS messages unless providers use a specific message hub. These are just two examples of topics we hope to cover at CTIA. 

What’s the biggest challenge facing your segment of the industry these days? One of the biggest challenges we see in our segment is the evolution from single operator services to countrywide services.  One example of successful countrywide services is mobile number portability. Since Telcordia is the market leader in that category, we have early insight into the evolution of other kinds of functionality and services that will be extended into an efficient countrywide model. For example, today mobile operators only manage mobile device information within their own network. However, if mobile device information was shared across all operators in a country, the capabilities of fraudsters and the amount mobile phone related crime would be dramatically reduced.

What’s the biggest source of opportunity? The ever-changing communications landscape. Look at the worldwide growth of mobile subscribers – billions of new mobile connections added in the next few years. Devices are becoming more and more complex. Services are becoming more sophisticated.  Mobile data usage is exploding. Fortunately for us, we are well positioned to help operators, content providers and regulators evolve and realize more opportunities in a fast moving industry.


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