If you do decide to pick up a pricey $600+ LTE-capable iPad, you might be looking for all the protection you can get for your new gadget. In that case (pun intended), LifeProof has you covered. 

LifeProof is pitching some heavy duty protection from the elements with its line of iPhone and iPad cases. LifeProof's iPad cases are submersible up to 6 feet, designed to withstand drops from 4 feet and totally sealed from dirt and dust particles to the IP-68 rating. They're also enclosed to keep out all melting snow and ice to the IP-68 rating. 

I have to admit I was hesitant to submerge my iPad after installing the review case, which was provided courtesy of LifeProof. Amazingly, my worry was for nothing. My iPad emerged unharmed from its first dip in the pool. 

I liked the fact that the LifeProof cases leave the iPad's screen bare. LifeProof has called this "nuud" technology. I've tried heavy duty cases in the past that include a transparent screen protector. Those cases can increase glare and just don't do the iPad's screen sensitivity justice. The LifeProof cases create an air tight seal around the entire bezel, leaving the screen exposed, or bare. 

The other thing that's worth mentioning about this case is that it allows access to nearly all the ports and buttons on the iPad. Some cases can be limiting, covering up ports so that you can't plug in headphones or even charge the device. With these cases, LifeProof allows you access to all that and goes to the trouble of enhancing the sound of the tablet through a special grate around the iPad's speaker that provides acoustic amplification. 

For $99, you'll really want to be sure that you have a need for this much protection, but given that other cases on the market for $80 to $100 don't offer protection from water, it might not be such a bad idea. And let's be honest, if you're spending over $600 on a device and you have kids, you're going to want armor against liquids and drops, whether it be apple juice, soda, or a 2-year old who thinks she’s just discovered the world’s most expensive Frisbee.