A lot of folks will be heading to Barcelona, Spain, for the Mobile World Congress next week. But what to do about the, er, bathroom situation?

Never fear, Yojo Mobile has the solution for convention-goers with "urgent" needs. MizPee for Europe guides people to the nearest clean toilet based on peer reviews and ratings of facilities.

The Barcelona show marks a first for Yojo. The service first launched in June 2007 in North America and was expanded to include Barcelona, London, Paris and Rome. It will be expanding to more European cities in the coming months.

The company explains that Mizpee.eu users can access MizPee's WAP interface by using their mobile Web browser to retrieve a list of nearby toilets and their details. MizPee tells users if the facilities are handicap accessible and if the toilet is designated for public use or restricted to customers only.

Content, including "Looisms" – or bathroom trivia – also is available on the MizPee Website and via the mobile Web browser.

Sounds like a worthwhile service for people who have to go while on the go.