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by NetMotion Wireless

  This survey captures responses from more than 400 networking professionals from a variety of industries to paint a picture of the state of cellular data deployments: the value of these initiatives, current practices and challenges, and uncovers where there might be shortfalls and opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness as we look toward the future of mobile data.

by Anritsu

Driven by ever-increasing demands for higher data rates, lower latency, and higher capacity, cellular radio access technology has advanced dramatically over the past decade or so. Since packet data connectivity was introduced in cellular’s second generation, some of the more important advancements introduced include: adaptive modulation and coding (AMC), turbo coding, hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ), multiple input/multiple output (MIMO) antenna systems, orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA), and ever-widening channel bandwidths.

by iBasis a KPN Company

Mobile operators are moving to a data-centric world. LTE has become the most rapidly deployed cellular network technology in the industry's history and the demise of circuit switching—while still on the distant horizon—is now in sight.

by Samsung

With LTE transforming mobile communications, this Heavy reading whitepaper discusses the need for operators to create "content-centric networks". Specifically, it looks at how by deploying IT technology in the RAN and locating memory, compute, application logic and content closer to the user, operators are able to redesign service platforms to meet and stimulate demand for richer, more sophisticated services.

by Openwave Mobility

Tiered mobile data pricing models have been successfully introduced into the market. This Openwave Mobility whitepaper reviews their vulnerabilities, how profitability can be affected over time, and how service-based pricing provides new and sustained business opportunities.

by Ingram Micro Mobility

Challenge: Many new connected devices are designed each year, yet profitably bringing them to market presents logistical challenges for both emerging and established manufacturers and M2M solution providers. Decisions on the architecture of the supply chain directly affect profitability. Optimized supply chains adhering to supply chain network best practices can lead to reduced logistic costs, improved time to market, and a reduction in required working capital – all key components of the bottom line. While each supply chain is unique, you should be aware of these cost-saving best practices to ensure your business is as nimble and efficient as possible. 

by iBasis

Armed with smartphones and tablets, consumers are demanding constant connectivity and consistently high quality of service, anytime and anywhere, at home and abroad. As a result, roaming traffic is expected to grow rapidly. Will your roaming profits grow as well? 

by Ingram Micro Mobility

The demand for smart and connected devices is booming at an exponential rate. With that growth comes increased competition and added complexities that can cloud the opportunities for entering or profiting from the technology industry. By simplifying a device’s lifecycle it becomes easier to pinpoint where your opportunities lie, and know who to ask for guidance on pursuing them.

by Openwave Mobility

As mobile operators are shifting from network-oriented to subscriber-defined business models, the fundamental challenge consists of breaking the old paradigms to properly execute their user data consolidation transformation. Learn about the fundamental do’s and don’ts to effectively manage the ‘data everywhere’ challenge. This whitepaper outlines lessons learned from over 100 commercial deployments of Openwave Mobility’s directory technology.

by Alcatel Lucent

White paper examining shared, or hosted, core opportunities. Particularly useful to smaller, regional wireless service providers as they seek to provide cutting edge mobile broadband services to their customers.

by Alcatel Lucent

Service providers need the ability to assure the operation of business applications. Learn how the Alcatel-Lucent Application-Assured Business VPN Services solution offers you the ability to move up the value chain by enhancing your existing VPN service offerings.

by Ciena

This white paper examines growing mobile backhaul opportunities and prospects for MSOs as the wireless market continues to evolve rapidly, and the challenges inherent in that growth process. This paper also addresses the rationale for deploying Carrier Ethernet in the backhaul domain, describing a service provider use case as an example.

by Spot On Networks

SON Networks is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) as well as a Wired Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing managed internet solutions in medium to large Multifamily properties, hotels and commercial common areas. As such SON provides very cost effective, secure, branded, highspeed Wireless and Wired Internet access, and managed telecommunications services to residents, guests and staff alike. Headquartered in New Haven, CT, SON manages and actively monitors its 500+ networks deployed throughout the United States. Through its relationships with specially trained certified technicians throughout the United States, SON is able to address any onsite network service issues quickly and effectively. This arrangement also allows SON to have the ability to deploy in any new market in the United States that it chooses to enter. By building and deploying technologically superior internet networks, SON is able to address most network related issues remotely from its Headquarters. SON prides itself on its world class customer service which has consistently been rated by its customers higher than 4.5 on a scale of 1-5. Our superior service to our customers is evidenced by the testimonials at the end of this document.

by Azuki

MSOs face the prospect of declining subscriptions and lost VoD revenue without direct and rapid service expansion to mobile devices as consumers seek service alternatives.

by VeEX

Cable operators have gained a small share of the telco-dominated business services market but are relatively stronger in Ethernet services. Testing plays a critical role in the installation and maintenance of these services, which also requires a workforce trained to use test and measurement (T&M) equipment.



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